Exclusive Insurance Leads

Are you an insurance salesman looking to expand your business with the acquisition of new, long-term clients? Whether you sell health insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance or any other form of insurance, you’re always looking for new clients to add to your dossier. You can’t expect to sit back and wait for them to come to you, though. In today’s technological age, you have the means of accessing an almost infinite pool of prospective clients, and at Leadusive, we have the tools and knowhow to bring them directly to you.

exclusive insurance leads 

As leaders in the field of exclusive lead generation, Leadusive knows how to take you from completely under the radar, so to speak, to a force to be reckoned with in your industry. We initiate your campaign with the construction of a hand tailored landing page designed to let potential customers know exactly who you are. From there, it’s a matter of separating the weaker leads from those most likely to result in substantive business for your insurance company. Rather than shooting strictly for quantity, we take a unique approach that factors in what others seem to discount as unimportant: quality.


Whether you run a smaller firm or a massive one, Leadusive can accommodate by generating anywhere from 10 leads a day to 10,000 leads a day. It all depends on your business’s expectations. No matter what kind of lead generation campaign we design for you, your budget will be put to good use, because our cost per lead (CPL) pricing structure will only have you paying for that which you’ll be receiving. You can’t go wrong, unless, of course, you don’t go with Leadusive for your exclusive lead generation campaign.