Exclusive Auto Dealer Leads

The ebb and flow of car purchases is constantly fluctuating, but there’s one thing that’s certain in it all: people need vehicles. The profession of automobile dealer can be a stressful one, though, if you’re not sure when your next customer is going to walk onto the lot. You want job security and Leadusive wants to help you establish and fortify your business so that a lack of customers will never be your issue. With us on your side, the only thing you’ll have to be worried about is keeping enough cars on your lot for all the customers you’ll have coming in.

exclusive auto dealer leads 

Initially, Leadusive begins by creating a customized landing page, designed solely for you, that will act as a funnel, sending potential clients with interest and proximity directly to you. From the billions of searches launched every day, and the several million display impressions on top of those, we hand select only those prospective clients that are most promising and likely to result in a long-term business relationship with you. There isn’t any benefit in having hundreds of leads that aren’t actually looking to buy a car, or aren’t even in your local area, but there is certainly a benefit in finding those who are looking and nearby, and that’s what Leadusive will do for you.


Depending on the size and business expectations of your car dealership/lot, Leadusive can acquire for you anywhere from 10 to 10,000 exclusive leads per day, all of the same high caliber and delivered to you directly by way of email or telephone. The best part yet is that our cost per lead (CPL) pricing will only have you shelling out on however many leads your campaign is designed to accrue, so there’s no wasted budget. Don’t get frustrated or impatient. Just contact Leadusive and you’ll be amazed by your business’s growth.