Exclusive Attorney Leads

Are you an attorney looking for more clients to represent? Tired of being called an ambulance chaser, when all you’re trying to do is help get someone the compensation they deserve for someone else’s negligence? Well, welcome to Leadusive, a comprehensive business designed with you in mind. We generate exclusive leads that are targeted with precision and carefully selected based on rigorous search engine factors. Leadusive leads are sure to mean business for your law firm.

exclusive attorney leads 

For all intents and purposes, Leadusive has access to an endless pool of search queries and display impressions that will translate directly into leads for you and your law firm. The legal industry has long been reliant on word-of-mouth recommendations, but now, in the 21st century, you have better options that will produce better results. There’s no point wasting your time waiting around the court looking for unrepresented plaintiffs anymore. Leadusive has the tools and experience to get you anywhere from 10 to 10,000 leads per day, depending only on your firm’s campaign expectations.


Our pricing structure is based on a simple cost per lead (CPL) basis, so there’s no money flying out of the window. Much to the contrary, it’ll all be flying right in your immediate direction, because Leadusive leads are chosen strategically by way of a highly advanced and precise targeting process. Rather than a blind shotgun blast designed to cover the largest swath of prospective clients, we are accurate marksmen hand selecting the best leads for you, and they’re sure to translate into business for your law firm in no time.